Tools in abundance at Topton

This year has proven to be one of my best in terms of good finds. My best site in Topton has already shown me three perfect axe heads among a number of other finished tools and artifacts. One in particular I just have to show off. Shown here is a fully grooved hard stone axe head which seems to have been saved from the local farming equipment just in time. This artifact shows ancient wear and notably is among the smaller size of similar axe heads I have found. While not as rare as the skull crusher I have plans to document soon, this is still a great example of a well made stone axe head that would have served a variety of useful purpose to the natives in circa. This find also further proves the settlement and helps to reinforce the culmination of a nearly decade long research effort into the area. 


Knowledge of the Navajo

Women chancers are few because of the risk of parental infection. Woman to be found as diagnostician – the one who discovered the Source

Navajo chancer or priest, chancers power is derived from a body of codified ritual knowledge that he learns from older priests and passes on to his apprentices

Shaman acquired his power through personal communion with a supernatural being. Many times this contact was made or a spirit or vision seeing at childhood, before 12 years of age

Blessing way is preventive in nature and involves positive blessings. It protects from misfortune by ensuring prosperity, good luck, order, health. And all manner of positive blessings for the earth surface people and all that concerns them

Enemy way is used to exorcise the ghosts of aliens, violence and ugliness it belongs to a group of ancient war ceremonials used to protect warriors from the ghost of slain enemies

Cardinal points and crude tools


The average “Hunter” looks for four cardinal points when it comes to most lithics- especially of varieties of arrowheads – this however does not pay homage to the plethora of crude tools formed throughout the ages in particular that which has been known as the Stone Age including Stone Age lithics. One particular book the front cover of which shown below called The Carpenters Tool Chest copyright 1933 by JB Lippincott company manufactured in the United States of America has one particular diagram of drawings did noting a number of crude lithics in tools for which cardinal points simply will not be found . Around the middle of this particular work one will also note a drawing diagram of stone hammer tools in particular and of great interest one might note hammerstones for which the round and ground nature of the tool will not characterize any particular Cardinal point . In fact as the author Mr Thomas Hibben recognizes that holes quote in the tools made by the people of the Ground Stone Age are very accurate and meet exactly in the middle so they must have had some way of measuring but what it is we do not know. As of late amateur collectors and artifact hunters have found a number of uses over the course of amateur archaeological and artifact hunting and collecting for which these tools were obviously measured formed and used. ln this blog I will make some attempt to include photos of such hammerstones for which I have found at various pre historic sites and settlements dating back to circa 11,000 BC . Unfortunately this will do little to convince those amateur collectors and geologists who have found great interest in the hobby but have found few tools of such construction.

What has always fascinated me however is not simply the beautiful variety of hammerstones that I have found in a variety of different lithic material such as most notably and perhaps most importantly Jasper stone but the looks that I will receive from seasoned collectors once I show them my collection of such hammerstones. Even more fascinating… The aforementioned book was marked for “discard” by the Nitschmann Junior High School Library- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


A few nice autumn finds

As relatively colder weather seeps into South eastern PA we yet find ourselves coming across real nice ancient, local artifacts. With the ever abundant changing colors of autumn leaves these finds have me wishing the ground was not about to freeze. I had hoped to make a few more trips also to some other favorite sites for a few more hauls of Jasper and to continue my work cataloguing a newly discovered work shop area. In any case enjoy some photos of these finds and thanks for stopping by, happy hunt!






Yet often from the spring the draught is sought, which here to all doth freely flow unbought.

A note on repops


It is not often I find myself picking up reproduction artifacts, But recently I aquired a beautiful 4″ inch long Perkiomen, recently and skillfully worked by a local artisan. My intention in doing this is more virtuous than most, and in this case the point almost exactly matches a mid section found at a favorite site in my area. I have parted with a few points found there But in this case I was elated to come across such a nicely worked point to relate to such a large mid section so closely. For the amateur collector I still want to note this was sold to me as such, and some ridges on the face of the repop can be felt much more sharp, and fresh from the recent knapping than one will find on original, ancient points. Photos to come soon, as this is a great center piece that I want to show off.


A Wading river by the skully


Came across this beautiful wading river. A high local shale is notable in this type and specific to only a few sites in this area. This differs from a similar Hue in black and spotted black flint I find often in the area. This little bird point really made the day, And being this late in the season gives me new hope for the Autumn plow to come at site B.


Some great finds from past

Lots of threads started here are once and done. This one in particular will likely be updated quite a few times. Many artifact hunters and amateur archaeologists would not have made it far with out each others help. And so in keeping with this spirit, I have long planned to share some of my best sites with others. Below please find a fairly full list of just that-My best artifact sites from well over a century of collective knowledge of the North east.

Shoey, Schuylkill river
Berne bridge, Shoey
Linebach & Rickenbacher road
Willow hollow golf course
W. Leesport behind nurse
Howard Kline farm stead
Rt 222 & 73 willow creek
Mertztown area farm land
Halipins cider mill area
Muddy creek road, Oley
Little lehigh, Mertztown
Cold spring area farms
Northkill creek auction
Dreibelbis farm stead
Hill road in W. hamburg
Mabel Bolig farm stead
Leesport market farms
Mano Burkholder farm
Potato farm near Leesport
Dublin green jasper
Kutztown near water tower

Willow creek site 1/95

The old barn on this site is decaying rapidly. The barn has limestone gable- ends with beveled slots. The beveled slots lead me to believe they were used for rifles, instead of crop drying.

The east end of the barn has white granite stone near the top bearing the name Stanley Kirby and the date 1831.

Mabel Bolig Farm

98′ Found perfect gray Jasper triangle at Kutztown water tower. May likely have been Onandaga chert mix.

98′ Gary found yellow Jasper point, 2″ inch on potato farm.

98′ Howard Kline was the site of Arch. dig. No major finds by team. Much nice chalcedony found on this farm. (field next to large UGI. storage tank Rt 222-422)