Knowledge of the Navajo

Women chancers are few because of the risk of parental infection. Woman to be found as diagnostician – the one who discovered the Source

Navajo chancer or priest, chancers power is derived from a body of codified ritual knowledge that he learns from older priests and passes on to his apprentices

Shaman acquired his power through personal communion with a supernatural being. Many times this contact was made or a spirit or vision seeing at childhood, before 12 years of age

Blessing way is preventive in nature and involves positive blessings. It protects from misfortune by ensuring prosperity, good luck, order, health. And all manner of positive blessings for the earth surface people and all that concerns them

Enemy way is used to exorcise the ghosts of aliens, violence and ugliness it belongs to a group of ancient war ceremonials used to protect warriors from the ghost of slain enemies


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